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Protect Your Music from Copyright Infringement

Find unauthorized uses of your music. Identify unlicensed covers of your tracks. Detect AI clones of your voice.

Using our ground-breaking AI technology.

All in one platform.

Stay On Track
Real-Time Reporting

Receive detailed infringement reports along with real-time alerts, enabling swift & decisive action when dealing with copyright infringements.

How does CoverNet work?


Asset 7_10x.png


CoverNet conducts an

in-depth exploration of music data across all major digital media sharing platforms


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Matching Technology

CoverNet utilises our proprietary AI technologies CoverMatch & DeepMatch for accurate identification


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In-Depth Reporting

CoverNet generates detailed & informative reports of all identified music covers &

AI-generated vocal clones

The Most Comprehensive
Platform To Date

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Protection of Intellectual Property

CoverNet harnesses advanced AI-powered technology to identify copyright infringements, providing robust protection for your intellectual property.

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Ensuring Fair Compensation

Detect unlicensed content & potential copyright infringements, ensuring rightful remuneration for artists & rights-holders.

Asset 20_10x.png

Supporting CMOs & PROs

CoverNet supports Collective Management (CMOs) & Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) by delivering accurate copyright usage reports.

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Regulating Online UGC Platforms

Conduct extensive scans across digital streaming & social platforms, identifying unauthorized or previously unnoticed uses of copyrighted music.

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Empowering Artists & Rights-Holders

CoverNet equips artists, publishers & rights-holders with detailed, real-time reports, simplifying conflict management when dealing with infringements.

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