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About CoverNet

Learn more about CoverNet, an AI copyright infringement detection service by MatchTune – the innovative music technology company co-founded by André Manoukian & Philippe Guillaud.

Navigating the complexities of music copyright in today's saturated digital landscape poses significant challenges for artists, publishers, record labels, and rights-holders. A staggering 60% of copyright revenues remain uncollected, leaving many artists minimally compensated for their valuable creative work.


As technology continues to evolve, music copyright is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Unlicensed covers and modified songs are left undetected on UGC platforms such as YouTube, while a growing collection of AI-generated “deep fake” music has perpetuated the elusiveness of modern rights violations. Current rights-tracking technologies simply cannot keep up and detect such infringements.


Enter CoverNet, a revolutionary industry tool developed by MatchTune, a leading presence in the AI music space. CoverNet stands as the music industry’s sole solution to copyright management, capable of addressing all facets of contemporary rights violations. Leveraging proprietary AI-powered technology, CoverNet surpasses existing tools in its ability to identify AI-generated deepfakes, unlicensed music covers, as well as unauthorized use of music in video content. With CoverNet, our clients are empowered to detect and contest copyright infringements on their music more effectively than ever before.

About MatchTune

Founded by the acclaimed jazz musician André Manoukian and serial entrepreneur Philippe Guillaud, MatchTune is a dynamic team of musicians, scientists, and engineers. Specializing in developing cutting-edge AI-driven tools tailored for artists and music industry professionals, MatchTune's core focus is clear: utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence to foster a more equitable future for the creative industries.

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