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Discover CoverNet's Unique Copyright Detection Features

Surpass audio fingerprinting to detect unlicensed covers & AI-generated deep fakes with CoverNet, accessing detailed, real-time reports within an intuitive dashboard.

Unmatched Music Copyright Detection

Uncover unauthorized uses of your masters through innovative audio fingerprinting


Find music covers of your masters, regardless of variations in voice, language, pitch, style, or tempo


Scan the widest array of digital streaming & UGC platforms in the industry, including:

Apple Music.png
SoundCloud Square.png
Tidal Square.png
Amazon Music.png
Deezer Square.png
YouTube Square.png

AI-Generated Vocal Clone Recognition

Identify AI-generated clones of your artists’ vocals with an astonishing 99.9% accuracy


Protect your artists’ voices from being used in unethical ways

Real-Time Reporting

Receive real-time alerts on suspicious activity, enabling swift action when dealing with infringements


View a detailed report & see who’s making money from your masters without a license


Access a comprehensive reporting structure that’s exportable as a CSV file


Utilize custom filters to focus on insight that’s important to you


Intuitive Dashboard

Consult all key metrics in a user-friendly dashboard


Personalize your workspace to suit your needs & goals


Compare activity using historical data

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