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Avoid YouTube Copyright Strikes: A Guide to Using Royalty-Free Music

Video editing software and creative applications have continued to evolve in recent years, offering increasingly more features to boost creativity and make them accessible to everyone. In just a few minutes, it has never been easier to create and publish content on platforms like YouTube, which has continuously diversified with content for all tastes.

However, with increasingly-facilitated content creation comes copyright issues; navigating the waters of copyright law can be tricky, and the last thing a creator wants is to receive a copyright violation notice for music that they thought was "safe". In this article, we will explore strategies to avoid copyright violations on YouTube, with a particular emphasis on the use of royalty-free music.

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Understanding Copyright Strikes : 

YouTube takes rights violations seriously and, as such, copyright strikes can have severe consequences, including video removal, channel suspension, and even legal action. To avoid such outcomes, creators must have a solid understanding of what constitutes copyrighted material and how to use it responsibly. Using protected music without the appropriate license or permission is a sure way to attract strikes and potentially more severe consequences.

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The Solution: Royalty-Free Music

If you're a creator, you're almost guaranteed to be familiar with "royalty-free music", and be aware that it provides a solution to copyright roadblocks on YouTube. This type of music comes with licenses that allow creators to use it without worrying about copyright infringements. Numerous platforms, such as MatchTune's own Studio lite (more on that later), offer a vast array of royalty-free tracks covering various genres. By incorporating these tracks into your videos, you not only ensure compliance with copyright regulations but also support other artists who create music specifically for this purpose.

Tips for Selecting Royalty-Free Music:

When exploring royalty-free music, take the time to read and understand the terms of the license associated with each track. Licenses may vary in terms of authorized use, attribution requirements, and potential limitations. Some tracks may be entirely free from obligations, while others may require artist attribution in your video's description. Understanding these details can help you avoid potential issues related to license violations and ensure legal and compliant use of the music.

The sound quality of the music you choose is also crucial to maintaining a high standard in your video content. Opt for tracks that complement the atmosphere of your video and align with the tone you wish to convey. The relevance of the music enhances the emotional impact of your content. Ensure that the rhythm, style, and energy of the music naturally harmonize with the aesthetic of your video, creating a consistent and engaging experience for your audience.

Royalty-free music libraries are constantly evolving, with new tracks being added regularly. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that the platform you use regularly updates its library. This guarantees access to fresh and captivating options for your videos, avoiding monotony and maintaining your audience's interest. By staying informed about updates, you remain in tune with the latest musical trends and ensure the modernity of your content.

Studio Lite: A Tool that Takes Care of Everything:

While video editing apps are packed with tools to save time, it's often subjective and time-consuming to find a song that complements the rhythm of your next video, even before considering whether it might be flagged by YouTube for copyright violation.

At MatchTune, we wanted to address this challenge, and simplify the production process for content creators. This led us to develop “Studio Lite”, an AI-powered audio-to-video platform which is downloadable on iPhone, Android, Mac, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud. Studio Lite optimizes your creative process by finding the perfect music for your video's purpose, using our proprietary AI technology. On top of this, however, the platform is also able to intelligently rescale this music to your exact desired duration, while preserving musical fundamentals. In just a few clicks, you can have the perfect song, at the perfect duration.

Studio Lite incorporates a range of filters to help you find music perfectly matched to the rhythm of your video, boasting a catalog of thousands of licensable songs, each of which you can simply download and drag-and-drop into your preferred editing software.


It’s clear that preserving respect for copyright on YouTube is only going to grow more essential for content creators, and the use of royalty-free music is the inevitable solution. Choosing high-quality and relevant tracks, diversifying sources, and staying updated with the latest trends are crucial elements to avoid any legal issues. By providing a centralized solution for finding music tailored to each video, this tool simplifies the process, freeing up valuable time for creativity rather than copyright management.

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