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Enhanced Music Copyright Detection - Digging Deeper on CoverNet’s Functionality & Purpose

Recently launched by MatchTune, CoverNet is the industry’s most innovative AI-powered platform that tackles modern music copyright detection. CoverNet scans all major online streaming & sharing platforms for every single use of your music, spotlighting those which may be examples of copyright infringement. The platform delivers real-time updates within your own customizable interface, helping you to never miss a single copyright infringement ever again.

In today’s read, we’ll dig a little deeper, answering some important questions in more detail. Let’s explore exactly where CoverNet scans, how its technology works, and what the exact industry pain points that it was launched to combat are.

Which Music Industry Problems Does CoverNet Address?

CoverNet tackles the critical issue of copyright infringement in the digital music landscape. While a number of technologies have long-since undertaken this task, traditional audio fingerprinting detection methods often overlook obscure infringements such as unlicensed covers & sophisticated AI-generated vocal clones, both being equal parts novel & threatening.

CoverNet’s spot-on music similarity detection technology fills this gap by offering real-time reporting & alerts, displaying these in an intuitive & customizable interface. Overall, the platform enables swift & decisive actions when dealing with copyright infringements – thus safeguarding intellectual property.

Where Does CoverNet Scan for Copyright Infringements?

CoverNet currently works with a number of the largest online platforms. These sources include user-generated content (UGC) apps such as YouTube, as well as digital streaming platforms (DSPs) such as Spotify and Apple Music. Data collected from every single platform is incorporated into the same interface, and users are able to filter by platform, along with a myriad of other parameters.

Expanded compatibility is therefore coming very soon to other popular streaming platforms such as TikTok, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, SoundCloud, and Vimeo.

What Does CoverNet Implement Its Music Copyright Detection?

In short, CoverNet is able to detect uses of your music on the aforementioned online platforms, infringing or not. It can use audio fingerprinting to detect one-to-one uses of your master, but can also dig deeper to identify more elusive recontextualization of original creative output. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • AI-Generated vocal clones, AKA “deep fakes”

  • Covers, both licensed and unlicensed, even with considerable variation in the original song’s pitch, key, tempo or language

  • Instances where another artist’s deep fake voice was layered onto our clients’ instrumental tracks, replacing the artist’s voice

Learn more about CoverNet here:

Learn more about MatchTune here:

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