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Introducing CoverNet: Copyright Infringement Protection

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

MatchTune launches music industry's most comprehensive copyright infringement protection service.

Today, MatchTune is proud to unveil CoverNet, the music industry’s most comprehensive, detailed and readily-alert copyright infringement protection platform to date. CoverNet is able to detect every single use of your musical copyright such as from unlicensed covers, AI-generated vocal clones and unauthorized uses of your master, presenting real-time updates in a sleek & customizable interface. The platform will be the industry’s only focal point for rights management, so read on to get ahead of the curve, and understand more about the context & impetus behind it.

The Problem

Managing music copyright in a saturated & burgeoning digital music space has been a legal maze for artists and industry professionals, arguably since the birth of ‘Napster’ at the end of the 20th century, which allowed for free sharing of musical releases. Since then, content sharing platforms such as YouTube, Instagram & TikTok have made it easier for copyright infringements to go undetected; in efforts to undo their own doing, these platforms had to introduce their own software to detect infringements, such as YouTube’s ‘Content ID’ as of 2007. However, these remain limited in that they can only recognize exact or near-identical uses of the original track; a process known as ‘audio fingerprinting’. More ‘soundalike’ content such as unlicensed covers or tracks uploaded with variations continue to slip under the radar.

So, copyright management wasn’t 100% under control even before the introduction of AI-generated music, which has now muddied the waters so much that it can be hard to even say with 100% certainty that a song is real or fake; for example, a Bruno Mars song that’s sung by an AI-generated ‘deep fake’ Dua Lipa would likely fly swiftly under the copyright radar. Instances such as this put the threat of copyright infringement at its most severe & elusive state ever.

The Solution

What if we told you that there was a tool that could cast a net over all of these problems, identifying every single use of your music, authorized or not? Well, this is the magic of CoverNet, an advanced AI-powered copyright infringement monitoring service designed to meticulously scan all music streaming & sharing platforms for all undetected copyright usage.

In addition to fingerprinting, CoverNet is capable of flagging unlicensed covers & AI-generated vocal deep fakes – even with considerable variations in voice, language, pitch, style, or tempo. CoverNet offers detailed real-time reporting within an intuitive dashboard, allowing for an easy visualization of all important metrics. This platform is the encyclopedic solution to this industry pain point; whether you’re a publisher, CMO, PRO, or record label.

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