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Music Copyright Detection Tools: Why Does CoverNet Stand Out?

The music industry is moving fast. With daily technological advancements serving to offer new creative avenues to artists, it can be difficult to maintain complete control & oversight on any potential discrepancies. One rather large example of this is in copyright control, which has arguably always been reactive, appearing after the curve at the crisis point.

As the growth of Artificial Intelligence signals yet another significant technological shift, it’s important that the tools developed to maintain its fair use are equal parts efficient and timely. The reality is that current industry tools simply weren’t sufficient in dealing with complex modern infringements, and this was the impetus behind launching CoverNet, music’s most comprehensive music copyright detection tool. But what exactly do we mean by this? Follow along to discover just what sets CoverNet apart from the competition when it comes to modern music copyright detection & safeguarding your IP from obscure infringement.

Unrivaled AI-Powered Versatility

When it comes to its versatility, CoverNet really shines. Alternative platforms employ a technique known as ‘audio fingerprinting’ in which a song’s acoustic ‘fingerprint’ is established by profiling its waveform, and this is then used to identify one-to-one uses of it online. While this system was undoubtedly revolutionary when it was established, it’s become somewhat 2-dimensional in a more modern context in which songs are warped, chopped & changed in more creative ways. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Adaptations to the song’s structure, such as “slowed down version”, “added reverb version” & “instrumental version”.

  • Unlicensed covers.

  • Remixes.

All of these examples fundamentally change the song’s waveform, making it impossible to be recognized next to the original. For this reason, it became significantly easier to simply alter the song in any salient way, and evade copyright strikes with ease. All of this is before we even consider the seismic impact of AI-generated ‘deep fakes’, which allow users to near-perfectly replicate an artist’s voice on their own tracks. Need a Drake feature on your next EP? Well, thanks to AI, you can have it.

Such a landscape meant that more technology was required to recognize the more elusive copyright infringements that are beginning to pollute the space. This is where CoverNet comes in. The platform employs advanced AI-powered technology to identify all uses of your master on major DSPs & UGC platforms, from unlicensed covers to remixes, instrumentals to AI-generated vocal clones. CoverNet is the industry’s most versatile, all-encompassing music copyright detection platform; the only remedy for an industry facing crisis.

Sleek Organization of Results

Another couple of strings to CoverNet’s bow is in its dashboard & reporting grid, two displays offering unparalleled visibility over all uses of your copyright - infringing or not.

The dashboard offers a statistical overview of any holistic metrics. It delivers key information such as opportunity cost, top tracks of interest & general traction overview, presenting these in an incredibly intuitive yet detailed layout. The dashboard is also customizable, allowing you to add, remove and rearrange blocks to suit your needs and goals.

When you’re ready to dive into results, consult the reporting grid. This interface digs deeper, providing detailed infringement reports & highlighting content which may be infringing on your copyright in real-time. You can filter results by platform, channel size, previous detection status, monetization status and much more, focusing only on what’s important to you. You can even readily export results as a .CSV file, ready to share & deliberate with your team.

To Conclude: Music Copyright Detection

Ultimately, CoverNet is the most versatile, intuitive, detailed & readily-alert platform available to rights-holders. Its ability to detect all forms of copyright infringement make it the industry’s focal point for safeguarding copyright and maximizing revenue.

To learn more about CoverNet, visit:

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