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How Many Music Copyright Infringements Has CoverNet Detected?

From Bruno Mars to Beyonce, see for yourself just how many potential infringements exist on the web today

By now, you should be fairly familiar with CoverNet, its features, and what sets it apart from its competition. However, for those who aren’t yet sold, we thought we’d bring in some stats to illustrate exactly how much is at stake for artists and rights holders. Hopefully, you’ll walk away with new-found knowledge that music covers - and now AI deep fakes - represent a considerable amount of money in missed revenue opportunities.

Examples of Potential Music Copyright Infringements

Let’s zero in on three of the world’s chart-topping artists; Beyonce, Bruno Mars & Lana Del Rey. For only these three, on YouTube alone, CoverNet was able to uncover a staggering volume of copyright usage. Here are some key stats:

Covers & AI-generated deep fakes of Bruno Mars, Beyonce & Lana Del Rey on YouTube

That’s over one million covers - a sizable portion of which are unlicensed & monetized - representing potentially millions of dollars in unclaimed revenue for rights-holders. And while a cumulative ~2,500 AI deep fakes doesn’t seem like a large number, consider that we are still at the very beginning of these tools being available to the public. Make no mistake - in a year’s time, this number WILL be exponentially bigger.

Traditional copyright detection technology - such as audio fingerprinting - does provide a net to catch a handful of these covers & return some revenue to rights-holders. However, the reality is that these methods fail to catch music copyright infringements in which the artist’s copyright has been altered in any salient way. With CoverNet, you can be sure that more elusive copyright infringements are detected and flagged in real-time. Results are delivered within an intuitive reporting grid which clearly indicates those which may leave rights-holders vulnerable, allowing these to be exported immediately as a .CSV, ready to deliberate with your team.

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